welcome to my game development blog to follow the creation of an isometric point and click adventure game!


Trafficking is an adventure game that takes place in New York in 1990.

You play as a detective solving a mystery trough series of interviews, with tens or hundreds of lifes at stake.

These interviews play out as flashbacks, where you get to be the interviewed person, giving you more insight into the events.

Your actions during these flashbacks affect the storyline and the ending of the game.


  • Classic point & click gameplay
  • Branching storyline
  • Multiple endings
  • 10+ playable characters
  • 10+ hours of playtime
  • Modern low polygon graphics
  • Open world
  • Vehicles for fast travel

Crash course

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The journey begins!

The journey begins!

For years I have been talking about this game I am going to make. What the gameplay will be like, how the story will unfold, what locations would be cool, what king of experiences I want to craft…
But what is the game about?

But what is the game about?

The game is a mystery adventure. You are investigating what happened during a span of time through a series of interrogations. All of these interrogations you experience as gameplay flashbacks during which you will play as the interrogated person.
Art style guide

Art style guide

Now that I have been working on the project a while, a set of rules for the art has started to formulate in my brain. I will attempt to externalize it as much as possible.


I know it is early, but I still already set up a Discord server for the project. The server is sure to come in handy for gathering ideas for plot points and puzzles!

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First Pivot

First Pivot

My goal for this project has always been to create "mini games" under a larger umbrella. To create varied experiences bundled in one game under a larger story that unfolds slowly. I have now begun to challenge this idea.

Project progress

Project overall progress.

The project is still very early. I have decided upon a general story idea and main character. I have already settled on most of the tools for the project and the 3D modelling style has been locked.

I have also outlined the first 2 episodes of the game and already know the locations (police station, cargo ship, beach under a bridge and harbour back entrance), the characters and main puzzles.

The whitebox version of the first location is around 70% complete and I have made a first pass of all of the puzzle design in that location.