A bit about the story

A bit about the story

The story of the game begins at a police station (this is subject to change). Your mission is to interview 2 characters: a Harbour Patrol Boat Police and a castaway woman. Interviewing each of these characters will take yo back into a flashback where you play as the interviewed person.

Interviewing the castaway will take you to the cargo ship and interviewing the Patrol Boat Officer will take you on a patrol boat near a derelict shore. You can finish these interviews in any order you wish. After finishing both of them, you can advance in the realtime layer of the story and the game story really begins.

Most of the game will be played like this, where you have multiple people you can interview and each interview is a sort of a mini story / mission where you learn something new and can advance. I am pretty exited as this allows for multiple totally different point of views. For example you will get to play as the villain of the story and you will also get to play as his victims. Seeing both sides of the story, experiencing a totally different take on the events unfolding.

Also each person will have their own little twist on the way they remember things and how they tell them. These personalities will add an another layer of variation to the stories.

This is the core idea this game project is build around and is exploring.

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