We have moved!

As I talked about earlier in this blog post, time has come to grow out of the Trafficking sandbox and birth the anthology series website. Which has now been done! echoesofsomewhere.com This website will from now on serve as the home to the game. All of the work outlined here in this blog will be released as chapters of the […]

First Pivot

My goal for this project has always been to create “mini games” under a larger umbrella. To create varied experiences bundled in one game under a larger story that unfolds slowly. I have now begun to challenge this idea.


I am used to spitballing storylines together with people. But doing it by myself is making it hard for me to get the engine running. I am not sure what to call this condition. But the story is coming really slowly.

Visual style references

I chose a visual style that is easy for me to create completely by myself. So it had to be 3D for me to manage it alone and stylized low poly for faster production. Stylized 3D means no UV mapping, no LODs or no separate collision meshes. It is a win-win-win! And paired with modern rendering techniques, extreme low poly stuff can look amazing.