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The journey begins!

The journey begins!

For years I have been talking about this game I am going to make. What the gameplay will be like, how the story will unfold, what locations would be cool, what king of experiences I want to craft…

During this time of only dreaming about it I still did not really have a clue what the actual plot-line would be. Also I always gravitated towards a look I could not make myself and would need a 2D artist to produce.

But no longer! I chose a location I felt was interesting and full of variation (a harbor / port, mostly for cargo ships), story (thanks to my wife for getting it started) and a visual style I can effortlessly produce alone and fast. Then I set out making the damn thing!

I am working on this alone, during some evenings and weekends ( creating all the 3D, 2D, code, levels, sounds, animations and effects ) so the production of the game will take a VERY long time!

Help is appreciated though, so please do not hesitate to be in contact! There will be no pay and absolutely no guarantee of release, but there will be an awesome adventure game making adventure!

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