First Pivot

My goal for this project has always been to create “mini games” under a larger umbrella. To create varied experiences bundled in one game under a larger story that unfolds slowly. I have now begun to challenge this idea.


I am used to spitballing storylines together with people. But doing it by myself is making it hard for me to get the engine running. I am not sure what to call this condition. But the story is coming really slowly.

Player character & cloth simulations

Modeling the character was at the same time easy and hard. It was easy because the graphics are so low polygon that is really fast to get things modeled. But at the same time it was extremely hard because it is easy to add too many polygons and loose the low polygon aesthetic.

Water interactions

I got so lucky with creating the water interactions! I managed to find a water interaction demo project made with unity 5! I loaded it up into my current version 2020.2b and managed to get it working with a few tweaks to the source code.

UI graphics

For the UI graphics I always knew I wanted to go with simplified low-poly icons. I decided to do black & white for UI buttons and actions, and color versions for items you pickup and store on your inventory.

3-point turns

Working on the car AI has been more enjoyable than I thought. I was driving in my car today and could not stop thinking about how the car in my game needs to “think” in order to get from place to another faster.

Location scouting 2020

Did you know that you can export meshes directly from Google Maps and use them as scale reference in your 3D modelling process. This will save a ton of time as you can create an asset library from real world locations and buildings.

Visual style references

I chose a visual style that is easy for me to create completely by myself. So it had to be 3D for me to manage it alone and stylized low poly for faster production. Stylized 3D means no UV mapping, no LODs or no separate collision meshes. It is a win-win-win! And paired with modern rendering techniques, extreme low poly stuff can look amazing.

First location

The game starts on this insanely large cargo ship. I have never been on one and I have no idea what different compartments and rooms and whatnot are on a ship like this. So I figured the best way to learn the location is to create it.