Cross-Platform & car update & UI

Cross-Platform & car update & UI

I spent some time refactoring the project to be cross compatible across a maximum number of devices. I had to change from High Definition Render Pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline. I decided to do that early on as I do not want to be too much into debt when I eventually would have had to make the jump. HDRP is supported by high end devices, where as URP is supported by pretty much everything.

To my delight, the graphical quality did not suffer too much. The game looks identical on all platforms now and the frame-rate is great on all. Naturally no graphics exist yet so…


Outline effect in use

To make the hotspots a little more visible I added a code that brightens up their outlines based on cursor distance. I thought that this would be a nice touch to the UI and make hunting hidden objects a lot less frustrating.

Car update

New render engine with car lights and new steering

And while I was upgrading the graphics, I added some head-, reverse-, tail- and brake-lights for the car. While working on the lights and testing how the game runs on iOS & PC, I run into issues with the car steering. So I added braking for the car to bring down max speed when going too fast. Then the car started to drive a lot more carefully so the reverse steering did not work anymore as it would turn quicker and just bump into everything. This required me to create a proper sensor array for the back of the car, so that it would know to avoid obstacles, brake and un-reverse direction when at a dead end. It was not such a difficult task to do and I think that the car functions a lot better now and is a lot more reliable!

I also tweaked the car AI in numerous other ways too to make it behave better in as many cases as possible.

One thing I learned from getting the game to run on all platforms is that making the touch-screen controls work just the way I want will be a lot of work..

Oh gods now that I think of it I need to completely redo the interactions and movement for gamepad controls too (playstation, nintendo, xbox).


You may also notice a getting in car animation and getting out of car animation. I captured these animations using a mocap suit and there will be a full blog post coming about capturing a full body performance for realtime use, cleaning up the mocap data and how to tweak and fix it.

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