Current overall game progress overview

Current overall game progress overview

Some ridiculously poor driving, interacting with things.

The basic features of the game are starting to get there. All art is placeholder, but bits and pieces of the required functionalities are there.

Features already in the game:

  • Save game
  • Inventory
  • Combining items
  • Navigation (Player, AI)
  • Car-based fast travel with “map” and car always at nearest parking lot.
  • Item interactions (use, pick up, examine, open, close etc..)
  • Dialogue
  • Walk & Run animation blending and state machine
  • Camera zoom & looking around
  • Foot IK
  • Look at IK

Tested methods

  • Google Maps data for level kit-bashing with realistic proportions
  • Fast travel with a car
  • Low-poly art style

So technically things are looking great! I do still have a bunch of features I want to add, but with these I am in a great place to start figuring out the content!

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