Evaluating asset packs

Evaluating asset packs

My original idea was to model everything from scratch. It would have taken forever, but I did not mind. But after looking for map style reference a while back I stumbled upon some high quality asset packs that were close enough in art style to what I was going for that I figured I’d try them.

My main concern was how my hero car and player character would fit the stock models.

After importing few assets for testing, I can happily report that my models match these stock models almost perfectly. I don’t think I need to change anything! They are a perfect fit. The scale is absolutely spot on and the detail density as well! The nature assets that I found need to be modified, but they are close. I especially feel that the cars match nicely.

The screenshots mostly show low quality Google Maps data and the lighting is not at all thought out and grade is missing, so the final look is not quite there, but it can already be glimpsed.

The asset packs I found were from a company called Synty Studios. The ones I chose were Polygon City pack, Polygon Office pack, Polygon Town pack, Polygon Construction pack.

These asset packs will be an amazing help. I will need to be creating plenty of assets from scratch, but my game world will be at least twice as rich because of these!

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