Finding reference for a Hongqi CA72

Finding reference for a Hongqi CA72

One puzzle in the game revolves around a classic chinese car Hongqi CA72. So I will need to model it for the game.

This is a pretty obscure Chinese car and not many were made. I bet that there are a bunch of reference of this thing if you search some Chinese websites, but I do not speak Chinese. So finding blueprints for the car did not happen.

I managed to find some side shot of a toy car though. And dead on photo from the front of the car. These pictures are fine, but they do have a lot of perspective distortion and I somehow need to counter for that in my head. Because of this, this will not end up being a spot on representation of the car. But I will do my best to make it recognizable and as accurate as possible (in the game’s slightly execrated proportions that is).

This will be the second wheeled vehicle I am creating for the game. There will be dozens more. I hope that after I am comfortable with the style and detail density I can whip these up faster and faster. I do not want to sped years working on these cars as I will need to model the characters and the word too!

The amount of work in this project seems daunting, but I am not worried as I have not set a deadline so I do not feel too much pressure about this. But then again, I would like to release the game before 2030!

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