Key locations of the game

Key locations of the game

I have been scouting the map of New York and I think that I have found the key locations the game will take place in.

The harbour area is the one that I might have to modify the most in order to allocate all of the story beats. So eventually it might be an amalgamation of multiple locations.

Master location

All of the key locations of the game fit within this area. I am not quite sure how much of this I will actually create for the game.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the whole game area. Not all of the area will be explorable by far due to the story being localised in only a few spots, but it would be pretty cool to somehow show the transitions between locations on the actual map. Naturally I do not want to show a car driving on the streets for 15 minutes 😀 But maybe a cinematic travel B-roll sequence would do the trick!

The game is open world*ish in a way that I will have one large map / key location and everything will happen in the same map. So there will be no level loading between different sub-locations. Naturally the location will open up gradually as you advance in the story and trough flashbacks you will get to explore the location during different times of the day and play with people who have access to different areas.

Map visual style

Even though I will be using google maps for sourcing my locations and I plan to stay pretty true to the real life arrangement of buildings and details, I will not be using any google maps data for the game itself. I will be modelling everything from scratch on top of the google sourced material.

These example screenshots do not visualise the mood of the game, but more of the stylistic direction I want to go with the modelling.

Some assets the I found are in a style close enough for me to actually consider purchasing them for use in the final game. That would help a bunch! Here is a link to these assets. They are made for Unreal engine, but if the packs contain the FBX’s as well and not just *.uassets I will be fine. Pretty much everything in these packs looks spot on with what I am looking for, except for the character arms and heads. Nice!

Update: A friend actually hinted that the same asset packs are available for Unity as well, so I went and bought them!

I was prepared to model all of the graphics 100% by myself, but these asset packs were so spot on with the look I was aiming for that it would be stupid not to get them! I may need to tweak the few assets I had already created for the game to match the bought assets detail density, but comparing the stuff that I made with these pre-made assets I am not sure I need to do much.

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