Ship location update 2

Ship location update 2

After importing all the stock asset I did a quick pass on the ship location populating some areas. I also defined the navmesh better to prevent access to unwanted areas. This is just a quick pass on checking what is possible with the asset packs. The toolset is pretty limited as the assets are not specifically created for a container ship, but there is plenty of assets that can be used in the ship location. It is also easy to make a list of assets that I am missing to achieve something and I need to make them by hand later.

I did not shy away from kit bashing certain features for the ship from completely wrong pieces. Like planks for a flooring or sheet metal for fencing. I feel that it adds to the rickety feel of the low fare container ship.

Cloth physics on tarp

The stock assets do contain a boatload of stuff for creating the inside of the ship, so that is something I can get started and finish quickly! I intend to make the ship floors pretty freely accessible. You will not be able to get to the cargo bay, but everything above the deck is free game!

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